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Oxara develops to maximise efficiency, effectiveness, functionality and to enable flexibility to react to the digital world.

Pixel perfect alongside testing, testing with testing would best define our approach to development. Front-end, back- end development, apps, websites, APIs, digital solutions, complex & simple user journeys, microsites, landing pages, prototypes, 3rd party integration, CMS systems, payment gateways, emails, frameworks…. Oxara covers all areas of digital development.

Pixel perfect alongside testing, testing with testing would best define our approach to development.

Our approach

Open source led technology and development is where we typically operate, but we are open at a first discussion all requirements and technology. Our developers work on all Oxara projects at all stages of the process and are part of the collaborate team from the very beginning, bringing technology expertise into creating the most effective user experience.

During development, the UX team work closely and collaborate with the developers as a 360 process to deliver the defined user experience.

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Roadmap for delivery

Before commencing build we will collaborate with our clients to develop a road map for delivery. The road map will be developed from the agreed quality objectives for the project.


We look to optimise performance through keeping our code concise to ensure functionality and page speed is as effective as possible. Where and when applicable we will shorten code to improve performance.


Further to this, our approach includes SEO/DDA adjustments, back end adjustment. Oxara will use open source automated testing, load testing and Pre and Post production testing environments.

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